Thinkpad R60 Drivers


Installing Windows XP Pro with SP2 and trying to figure out which drivers are which is a major pain. I highly recommend installing all your drivers before updating to SP3.

If you have issues with the laptop freezing up take out the battery and run just on socket power for now. I am starting to run into many laptops with bad or old batteries that lock up simply because of a bad battery… weird.

Make note that before trying to install the sound driver or modem driver you will need to install the Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 found HERE.

If any hardware is not showing up in Windows make sure to check in the bios and see if it is enabled. Wireless was being hidden for some reason.

Of the 2 unknown devices that were listed, one turned out to need the ACPI power management driver. The other turned out to be the Intel Matrix Storage Manager .inf.

Now I have a nice clean install of Windows XP Pro.

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