Sound Blaster Live Vista Driver?

This is an alternate way of getting a working driver from the *official* installer:

* Get LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG).exe from Creative’s web site
* Run the installer, it will display the checking CRC window
* It will then tell you it can’t find an SB card – oh yeah? Leave the dialog alone, we need it there for the moment
* Owing to the magic way the installer works it has already unpacked all the driver files onto your hard disk, as soon as the installer exits it will delete them – so don’t let that installer exit yet
* Open an Explorer window, navigate to %USER%\AppData\Local\Temp and look for the most recently created directory (mine was called CRF000. There will be an Audio\Drivers directory under it, navigate to this directory. (BTW substitute %USER% with your user name)
* Copy the path from the path bar at the top of your Explorer window.
* Now open the Device Manager (Windows key+Break), select the ‘unknown audio’ device, right click and then select ‘Update Driver Software’ and then ‘Browse my computer for software’.
* Now paste the path to the driver into the text box and press next. The driver should now install. That’s it!

Now you can close the installer window. You now should have a working Live! soundcard.

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