Old 3Com 3C905cx Vista driver.

The solution for this Vista problem simple once you find it. Just go and
download this 5 year old driver from 3COM site here:

“3c90x1.exe” “07 Nov 2002” “Size: 0.89 MB”

Thanks to a reader I have been made aware that the driver at the linked location no longer exists. Fortunately I downloaded and kept it just in case. Click the 3com logo below to download it.

Run the EXE that appears to be a DOS-style self extracting file andextract it to some temporary folder. Now make Vista to look 3C905 driver from that folder, and Vista finds a driver and installs it. After that you can go and check the driver version and it looks like this:
File version: 4.31.0000 Copyright 1994-2002, 3Com Corporation.”

Vista is now completely happy with this driver and you can get to the

But now that you have internet access you can make Vista look for an even newer
driver, it should find something and install this driver
“File version: 4.41.0000 Copyright 1994-2002, 3Com Corporation.”

There is only very small, or none, difference between those driver
versions and both seem to run fine on Vista.

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