CD Burning Issue

This has been a problem sometime with the tight security we have here.

When a blank CD is used in a burner and then following the steps using windows XP to burn a data cd an error is given stating the cd is not blank. We found these changes to the registry will fix the problem.

Without rebooting the PC changes to the registry can be applied by going into task manager and stoping and starting explorer.exe or after making these changes you can just reboot.


– All CD drives show up in same key

– “Drive Type” value determines whether drive is capable of writing and

01=CD-R Drive
02=CD-RW Drive
03=Write Disabled

Change the value to 02.

Also check hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\CDrom. The value for autorun was 0. I changed it to 1.

If in either place in the registry you see something along the lines of AutoRunDisable delete that entry.

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